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Maggie Pleskac has been leading yoga and meditation classes since 2000. Her first introduction to yoga came as a small child when she checked out a record from the local library that featured a follow-along meditation guide. She was fascinated with the belly movement: belly moves out on the inhale, belly moves in on the exhale. Then, later as a young teenager she attended classes in a repurposed ballroom at the YWCA in downtown Lincoln, Nebraska. In the years that followed, her path of holistic health and wellness led her to owning and operating a successful vegetarian cafe in Lincoln’s Haymarket area.

In 2017, Maggie returned to her love for yoga and decided to open up Milkweed Yoga. Maggie would teach out of her home and at various locations with corporations and private clients. In 2019, a location popped up in the historic Havelock area of Lincoln and became available. Maggie jumped at the opportunity! Right then, her home was made. The building has become the perfect setting to provide both the capacity to serve nourishment through yoga and her love for serving plant based foods.

Milkweed (Asclepias) is a symbol of nourishment and transformation. Asclepias is the plant genus of Milkweed named after the Greek god of healing, Asclepius. The rod of Asclepius is the snake entwined staff, the symbol of modern day medicine and like the caduceus represents the kundalini energy. Milkweed provides the monarch caterpillar with the nourishment to transform through the chrysalis stage into a butterfly. We hope you find the same joy in Milkweed Yoga and Event Space that we do offering it.